CRIBS; Whats in my cupboard? {Store Cupboard Essentials}

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Similar to MTV's Cribs where celebrities show the audience around their homes and infamously inside their fridge. I'm giving you an insight into my cupboard!

My cupboards are full of fundamental foods and ingredients to help bulk up meals inexpensively. I have summarized a stock list of products you should always maintain in your cupboards as they not only have lengthy expiry dates but also can add that finishing touch to a meal.

I must stress I am not brand loyal. The supermarkets budget range (i.e. own brands) I believe can be just as good and what makes them even better is they are half the brands price. I buy all my cupboard provisions from either Aldi (the BEST supermarket ever) or Asda when my branded food products are on offer (this I promise you is the only time I buy brands).

So here goes... 

My essential cupboard components;

'BEEF IT UP' - add these to any meal to make it more hearty

  1. Kidney Beans
  2. Baked Beans - These aren't just for on toast/jackets - you could add them to your pasta dishes!
  3. Pasta - I always have spaghetti and Fusilli (budget branded of course) 
  4. Tinned Tuna
  5. Boil in the Bag Rice
  6. Tinned Sweetcorn
  7. Wraps - These always jazz up meal, I use them for chili con carne, beans/cheese, chicken/BBQ sauce. The possibilities are endless and cheap as they cost under £1 in Aldi for a pack of 6.
  8. Naan bread - Cheap and can transform your boring chili-con-carnes and currys. 

'WHAT DO I COOK?' - ingredients to create a meal in minutes!
  1. Curry Cooking Sauce - My favourite is Pataks Korma, I always buy a couple jars when its on offer! Click the link to see my Recipe & Reviews
  2. Chinese Curry Powder - I get mine from Home Bargains but I've been told they also supply the same brand to Co-Op. It comes in a square plastic container and once you've cooked your meat and veg you add a couple spoons of this powder and it mixes with the meats juices and forms the perfect sauce. Tesco also supply this product.
  3. Chili Con Carne Sauce
  4. Vegetable Oxo Cubes - Now this one is my Nonna's influence. I swear to you, she adds 1 or 2 cubes to all of meals and they become transformed into a dish of delight. It's her not-so-secret secret ingredient. I'm going to be posting my Nonna's Store cupboard Pasta recipe soon. You really won't want to miss that one, its out of this world easy, cheap and delicious
  5. Tinned Tomatoes - Cheap pasta sauce, pizza topping, pie filler you name it and I will find a way you can add them! Go on try me ;)
  6. Tomato Puree - All will be revealed in my Nonna's pasta recipe post coming soon! 
  7. Jar of Salsa & Sour Cream - Add it to any meat/fish, frozen vegetables with rice and boom you've got yourself a cheap healthy meal for you and your family.

'LETS BAKE' -  Some of these products can be expensive, but they last forever & are always required
  1. Flour - Plain & self-raising are a must 
  2. Cornflour - Thickens up stews and sauces when that haven't gone to plan. It's my lifesaver.
  3. Baking Powder 
  4. Bicarbonate of Soda
  5. Ground Cinnamon 
  6. Ground Ginger
  7. Vanilla Extract - Never essence! I've made that mistake. It may be cheaper, but the taste is horrendous.
  8. Chocolate Chips  - This isn't a must but if you bake, when in doubt decorate with chocolate chips! 
  9. Dried Fruit - Sultanas, dried apricots, raisins. Great to add to most bakes.
  10. Caster Sugar
  11. Soft Brown Sugar
  12. Icing Sugar
  13. Golden Syrup

Hope this has helped! If you have anything you think is worth adding to my list and my cupboards, let me know :)

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