My Early Christmas Present! {Product Review}

My gorgeous hunk of a man bought me this as an early Christmas present!!! Andrew James Stand Mixer

I must admit I use to be a total snob for Kitchen Aid branded products. Its all I ever dreamed of, thought of, lusted after and so forth. The price of this particular Andrew James product compared to a Kitchen Aid mixer made me doubt its capability because its so much cheaper. 

But my smart man read heaps of reviews and came across this beautiful gorgeous work of art. An art form so slick that it makes the most beautiful dishes with the least amount of effort (just what a terrible cook like myself needs!). 

Hand on my heart it is absolutely perfect and works like a dream.

Product information and features
  1. Extra Powerful motor: max 1500 watts
  2. Robust gear mechanism
  3. 5.2 litre Stainless steel dish max: 2kg mixture preparation
  4. 4 Mixer attachments
  5. 6 power levels + pulse function
  6. Dishwasher safe Stainless Steel mixing bowl
  7. Removable splash guard
  8. 128 Page food mixer cookbook
  9. Silicone spatula


The 4 blade attachments are; Dough Blade, Flexible Beater Blade, Aluminium Beater Blade, Balloon Whisk. The cheaper standing mixers usually compromise their quality by having plastic or flimsy blades. The Andrew James are all solid metal apart from its flexible plastic beater blade and it works great for eggs and sticky ingredients.


The bowl is a perfect size and easy to take out of mixer and wash (by hand or dishwasher). The splash guard and other parts are all very easy to take apart and clean. The high voltage allows you to manipulate ingredients to work best for your recipes. The recipe book is full of a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes, however it doesn't have any images (which is a almost a must for me when it comes to recipe books). Overall, I would promote this mixer to anyone, it is truly a special kitchen utensil and the easiest thing to clean and fiddle with.

Hope this gives you some insight.
Any questions don't hesitate to just ask! I love chatting :)
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