DearYou, It's New Year's Eve

Confetti Cake
(Photo from Spoonful )

It is bonkers to think this time last year I was still in University seeing my girlfriends everyday and pretty much calling Cardiff my home. I didn't have or was living with my boyfriend, I didn't have a full time job. I was pretty much doing the complete opposite of what I am now. Absolute madness.

3 things I can hand-on-my-heart truthfully cross off my 2013 new year resolution list

1). Be happier in myself and my outlook on everyday life.  CHECK!
2). Stop eating my 3 main meals once I am full.  CHECK!
3). Start and maintain a blog. CHECK!

3 things I cannot cross off my 2013 new year resolution list...truthfully

1). Get better at baking/cooking.
2). Go to the gym regularly.          
                                         ..... Oops! Well we can't all be perfect!

My 2014 List

1). Eat less sugary goods.
2). Sort out a Uni reunion     ...Only doing two this year as it's a bit more realistic - I hope! Fingers crossed :)

Happy New Year Everyone!
Let me know your resolutions
What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

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  1. This year I took a different approach and set monthly goals for 2014 rather than having to commit to resolutions! I've pretty much failed with my first goal of not eating fast food/takeout, but I still have time to finish my second goal and I feel good about that. Good luck with your resolutions!
    (p.s. your facebook link keeps popping up an error)

  2. Sorry, it's just the FB link under your posts that isn't working. The one in your sidebar is functioning!

    1. Hi Risa, ooh that is a different approach! Might have to try that one next year! What other goals have you set? Don't worry I always break the fast food rule! Thanks for the heads up with the Facebook links, Changing my blog name has been a nightmare!

    2. Oh I have tons of fun stuff planned for my to-dos this year! This month's next one is making handmade birthday cards for all of my friends and family so I don't have to send them store-bought ones. I want to make a big batch so I have them ready when I need them. But in the months to come my goals are to; get my garden flourishing this year, carve pumpkins, send out holiday treat baskets (which has been on my to-do list for years!) and more!

    3. That list sounds like something I would come up with love giving out goodies! I use to make hundreds of handmade cards with my Nan (she is obsessed with it) Its so much fun!


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