Dairy-Free Chocolate Peanut Gelato

Firstly, I must say I've just purchased my new favourite play thing! Can you guess what it is?.. ITS A CAMERA! Sony RX100 - Literally takes the best photographs possible due to its humongous sensor. It has definitely made the difference to my photographs, don't you think? Worth checking out if your looking into buying one.

Anyway.. now on to more important pressing matters...GUILT FREE TASTINESS!

I've got the perfect thing to brighten your Monday, ice cream without the premium price - I thought that would get your attention and you probably won't even need to leave your house to make it! I'm a sucker for these store cupboard treats :P

I've been seeing variations of this recipe floating around the blogsphere for quite some time now so I just had to give it a try! I was slightly skeptical on using frozen bananas because saying I don't like banana flavoured ice cream is an understatement. Plus, if your banana wasn't ripe enough would it give you a starchy texture? Nevertheless the simplicity and lack of costly Ben&Jerry prices made me push my doubts to the back of my mind. So wanna know the secret from getting a image A into image B? Thought you might ;) 

You will need... (Serves 2)

4 small bananas or 3 medium
Your choice of flavouring; I had a tbsp of non-dairy cocoa powder and a handful of peanuts


1). Peel your bananas. Chop then into bits and then freeze in an airtight container or wrap them in clingfilm like I did. Then leave them to freeze for at least 6 hours but I'd go overnight to be safe. Now, relax and let the magic happen.

2). Once frozen, take them out of the freezer and put into a blender or an electric mini chopper like my clever little Ninja.

3). It takes a couple minutes for it to turn into the glossy loveliness that ice cream is. First it will turn almost like rice. DON'T WORRY - just keep going. I was worried as well and it worked out fine, I promise this recipe is tried and tested and perfect.

4). Once your frozen bananas are a ice cream consistency add your flavourings and mix for a couple seconds more.

5). Finally serve (preferable in front of the telly with a couple candles lit - perfection).

Now before you go running into your kitchen frantically grabbing bananas and tupperware, I must admit that my first thoughts about the potential banana flavour was present after the chocolate and peanuts were added I must admit I did enjoy it. 

I think next time it might be worth adding a caramel or toffee sauce to compliment the banana rather than unsuccessfully try and hide it!

 Now grab a knife and get chopping! 
Less fattening but just as smooth as ice cream! 
If you added or changed anything to this recipe to get rid of the banana flavour, 

let me know so I can try it next time!

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