Edible Gift No. 2: Truffles

They are absolutely delicious! I tweaked the most common recipe and ingredients and am so glad I did – makes me feel slightly less guilty about eating them as they're amazing!


You will need (serves 24)

200g Chocolate (I used a bar of Galaxy I had lying around from Christmas)
2 big dolloped tablespoons of thick double cream

Choice of topping: Now this is all optional but I used a single sachet of Hot Chocolate power for dusting and coated some in more galaxy chocolate (you can never have enough chocolate!)
-you could use chocolate, finely chopped nuts etc

1). Melt 200g of chocolate in a bowl over boiling water (make sure water doesn't touch the bottom of your bowl as this will cause the chocolate to burn)

2). Once melted, add the cream, folding it in until all that creamy deliciousness has mixed together.

3). Leave in bowl to cool, once down to room temperature place in the fridge overnight or for at least 5 hours.

4). If you own all the amazing kitchen aids of the world a melon baller would be a great tool to have now, but if like me you only own a selected amount, a teaspoon will do just fine. With your weapon of choice simply scoop small amounts of the hardened chocolately loveliness. Then with both your hands just roll them around quickly and lightly, making sure not to get them to hot. This will give them a more rounded, professional look. 

When rolling the balls, make sure you leave them on some baking paper and then into the fridge to set for slightly longer if your melting chocolate over them as the topping. (This tip is tried and tested because all that heat melted my balls slightly making them stick to the plate and I had to start all over rolling them!).

 If like me your just dusting them with cocoa powder or nuts just get a bowl full and drop them in making sure they are completely covered or sprinkle the toppings over the balls.

5). Once completed, put back into your ridge and serve whenever you heart desires!

Hope you enjoy these and make sure to let me know if you tried them with any other toppings 

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