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I've been a bit naughty recently filling several online baskets full of homeware goodies that I am dying to buy, but my bank account is screaming at me to at least hold off until payday. 

Therefore I thought what's better than sharing a post with all of you, full of my domestic wants and desires so you can relate to my lust.

Wilton 6 Cavity Donut Pan

Now, I must admit I've been a little impatient and just bought this baby but lets keep that between me and you! I can't wait for it to come I want a doughnut!

Next we have a 
Personalised Cookie Stamp Kit. I want this as I want to print neat words into my fondant iced cakes (rather than into unbaked cookies).

If anyone knows of any cheaper baking stamps please let me know, I ideally want a pack with all letters included. This kit might stay in my unpaid for basket as I can'
t justify its price!

Which brings me to another of my premium priced loves. The  Garden Sweet Pea Yankee Candle Pillar 

This is one of my all time favourite smells from Yankee candle - beautifully fresh

Any coffee lovers here?

These Personalised Coffee Stencil 's are simply perfect. Perhaps even a valentines day gift? 

I'd probably have mine say something like 'Drink Me' or 'Good Morning' haha gosh how boring of me! Has anyone else got any better ones? I seem to have lost my witty
humour today. 

Last but certainly not least, these Personalised Photo Coasters! I really want to make a set of these but then I think do I really want people making tea/coffee rings on my face? Perhaps not?.. But maybe a good valentines day gift for someone you know? 

Now you've seen my current wishlist...
how can I come up with the money
 to buy all these lovely things? 
- Wanna rob a bank?

Disclaimer note: This post was not commissioned or endorsed by externals. This post was organically posted based on my own approval. Posts that have been endorsed are always clearly declared within the specific post.

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