HOW TO; Poach An Egg

Now, this post may seem slightly pointless but I swear to you it has taken me years to master the art of poaching an egg! I love eggs they are so versatile. You can fry them, scramble them, bake them - you name it i'm sure you can do it at ease!

But then we have poaching... I use to get so confused with all the different poaching utensils and methods out there! I've been told to use clingfilm, a silicon cupcake mould, a mug, vinegar..must I go on? Luckily no more forums, no more asking questions because
I have finally found a technique that works time after time!

You Will Need...

Small jug or a mug
A Wok 
Low calorie spray
Dash of vinegar
Ladle that allows liquid to pass through it or a cullender

I promise all those eggs weren't just for me!


1). Heat Wok on hob and spray low calorie several times. Boil Kettle

2). Crack your eggs into your small jug or mug.

3). Once the kettle has boiled, add the water into the hob about half way depending on how many eggs your cooking and add a couple dashes of vinegar.

4). Lower the heat now so its not madly boiling. When your read pour all your eggs into the water quite quickly to avoid the yolks separating the whites.

5). Leave to cook for several minutes.

6). With a spoon or ladle bring an egg to the surface to see if its cooked. You may want to touch it to make sure, you want it to be slightly firm but with bounce. Once ready, quickly pour the eggs into a cullender or ladle them out and serve.

Don't forget if you leave the eggs untouched for a couple minutes the heat from inside the eggs will cook the yolk thickening it! 

That's whats happened to mine here because I was too busy taking photographs for all you lovely people!

Hope this helps you!
Any questions, tips or just want to chat comment me below :)

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  1. Do all the eggs stick together when you do this?

    1. Nope they never have for me, and the whites always stay within their yolks - Don't ask me how it works though!


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