Frying Pan Brie, Cranberry and Ham Toastie

Say goodbye to toastie makers. I learnt this method when I was a teenager working for my local pub and never looked back! It is easier to clean and inexpensive using utensils in most kitchens. Plus, its another of my great recipes that you can rustle up with items in your store cupboard. 

All you will need is:
A frying pan
2 slices of bread
Butter or margarine
Your chosen sandwich filler;                

                  BBQ chicken&cheese, 
                  Fish fingers&tartar sauce.

My specialty throughout University was cheddar cheese, chicken and BBQ sauce - A MUST TRY! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

1). Place frying pan on a medium heat (Do not add anything to pan! - This is what makes it so special)
2). Butter/marg both sides of your 2 slices of bread (the spread works as a non-sticking agent and makes the bread extra grilled)
3). Make sandwich 
4). Carefully place sandwich into pan without emptying contents, depending on temp of pan keep it toasting for 2-5 minutes. You want it to look 
5). With your spatula delicately flip the sandwich to toast the other side 
6). Once both pieces of bread are fully toasted and the filler is warmed through (cheese melted if included) take off heat and serve.

Hope you all try this! As per the photographs don't live up to the taste and texture! (New years task: buy a good camera!
& take photographs in the day)

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