Bruschetta & That Summer Feeling*

It's absolutely crazy in the UK at the moment. There's a horrible wet and windy storm going on outside and all I want  is to be on some paradise island somewhere sunbathing. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen, instead I must bring the sun to me (through taste anyway, i'm not a miracle worker!). 

One of my favourite summer meals has to be bruschetta. Its such a simple yet tasty meal and one I can make anytime (as long as I've got a couple tomatoes rolling around). You might not even have to leave the house either! Perfect store cupboard meal ;)

All you need is (serves 2);

Handful of cherry tomatoes (try and get different coloured toms as you'll have slight variation in flavour)
Ciabatta bread
Pinch of salt
Tablespoon of olive oil 
Couple dashes of balsamic vinegar

When it comes to herbs I'd love to have a greenhouse full of them but I'm afraid its on my paradise island. Luckily Gourmet Garden contacted me asking if I wanted to try their new herb blend products I leaped at the chance! To be honest I've never thought the flavour of dried herbs lived up to fresh produce. However I must say hand on my heart the herb blend range is so fragrant that you only need to use a teaspoon if that! 


1). Firstly, slice your bread and put it under the grill or toaster to get it nice and crisp. Then get your tomatoes and roughly chop them in all different sizes 

2). Add a pinch of salt and one flat teaspoon of garlic and basil (I truly encourage you to try their new range, no chopping no mess and no artificial nasty bits. Plus they lasts months).

3). Mix them together and get your bread

4). Now the best bit grab a spoon and start scooping that delicious sunshine on your bread

5). Don't forget to add a couple dashes of balsamic vinegar to it - makes the world of difference!

Bon Apetit!

Disclaimer note: I was given Gourmet Garden's basil and garlic blends for free. However Luchia Cooks only posts opinions and recipes of my own and of my own organic approval. 

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  1. Ok, first - awesome light in those shots! I never would have guessed the weather was crap with the light in those photos! Second, how do those bottled herbs stand up? I mean, I know you said they're flavorful but I'm always afraid I won't use the whole bottle before it spoils. Is it worth the money (honestly now!)?

    1. Aw thank you, my camera is the best its got a really big sensor, it allows so much light even in the darkest of places! It is worth the money if your the type of person to use herbs and garlic a lot which I do and because it lasts a month I do tend to use them. However, if your the type of person who uses the dry herbs and only gets them out now and again its probably best sticking with the dried products because they last years! Do you use many herbs in your cooking?

  2. I love to use herbs in my recipes. But, for example, last week I was making some tzatziki and couldn't find fresh dill anywhere. I contemplated whether or not to get the bottle of dill (for way too long really) because I don't use it often. Ooo I wonder if you could freeze it...maybe?

    1. Ah yes, I hardly use dill either. You can freeze the Gourmet Garden products and strangely you can keep refreezing them once you've finished using it. Might be worth a go? See how you get on. Or you could buy a fresh bunch of dill and put them into a ice cube tray, then you could use single squares of dill whenever you wanted. Not sure if this technique would be cheaper? Let me know what you decide :)


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