Valentines Day Prep - chocolate strawberry hearts

So Valentines day is just around the corner and we all need inexpensive gifts to treat that special someone stat!

To me it signifies hearts, chocolate covered strawberries and more chocolate. Therefore this year I'm going to combine them, creating chocolate covered strawberry hearts!

I have been attached to Pinterest for days trying to find something different and creative. Me and D haven't ever celebrated a Valentines day together and we probably won't be doing much for this one, but like I always say a few nice nibbles never hurt anyone. So these strawberries wont hurt!

You Will Need...

A punnet of strawberries
390g Milk Chocolate (or your own preference of course)
Grease proof paper

Optional: 150g White Chocolate for decoration 


1). Take off the stems to all your strawberries trying not to cut the top off as you'll lose the rounded edge it has. Then slice strawberries in halves and put side by side.

2). Melt your chocolate over simmering water (Make sure not to let the water touch your bowl as this will cause the chocolate to burn)

3). Now whilst chocolate is melting, slowly push a toothpick through your paired strawberries to secure them into the heart shape.

I'm sure you've noticed I did not use toothpicks I ran out so I had to improvise with dried spaghetti however I didn't work as in the dripping process they couldn't take the weight and snapped! Lesson learnt: use toothpicks!

4). Now your chocolate has melted, carefully dip your hearts into it. Once you've covered it all put it carefully (unlike me) on your grease proof paper. I left the tooth picks in until the chocolate had cooled before pulling them out but the choice is yours

5). Leave to set for at least 3/4 hours

6). Once set melt your white chocolate or get your chosen topping ready (if any at all). I got a spoon, dipped it into the chocolate and just let it drizzle onto the chocolate

7). Leave to set for another couple hours and then they are ready when you are.

A special yet simple and inexpensive treat for you and your loved ones :)

If these don't take your fancy you could make my posh chocy buttons or butter-free truffles. Both easy, cheap and instant crowd pleasers. 

Comment below and let me know what you end up doing!
(if anything)

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