Veg & Gammon Cawl Pys

 *Welsh word for hearty soup 

I have been given this wonderful recipe by my welsh born and bred mother-in-law, a homemade soup that you don't even need a blender for.

It's the easiest, tastiest thing you can make at home since sliced bread! 

You will need: (Serve 4/5 depending on how thick you want it)

1 box of dried peas 
Gammon leftovers or thick ham
Meat juice from gammon* -  If your using ham just make one from water and a beef stock cube

Vegetables - I used potatoes but only as they were the only thing I had in the house! I would of liked to have included carrots & leeks. But use whatever you have! 

Serving suggestion: Cheese sprinkled on top and tons of  buttered bread at the ready!


1). If your using an uncooked gammon, the first you need to do is cook it! I cooked mine in a slow cooker whilst I was out for the day.

2).Soak the dried peas either at the same time as the meats cooking or if your using precooked ham/gammon just soak them whilst at work or overnight.

3). Once they've soaked at least over 2 hours (Don't worry if you left the peas for longer, I soaked mine whilst at work and didn't cook them until 11 hours later!) you are ready to cook them for about 20/30 minutes depending on the amount of veg you have. Drain the peas but make sure to collect the water as it will come in handy later! Add the meat juice (or meat stock&water) drained peas and any vegetables (chopped) your using to a saucepan on a low heat, stir every now and then.

DON'T PANIC if your peas and veg start forming a thick starchy foam, just turn off the heat stir it around a bit and it should settle back down. Once settled, put it back on a low heat. It did this to me several times covering my hob in foam but I was told this is normal so yay for us not ruining the meal :)

4). Once you feel your vegetables are cooked, that foamy mess should of evaporated and a lovely thick green soup should of formed from the peas, this is when you will want to add the chunks of meat. Stir it through to warm the meat. If the soup is too thick just add the pea water you saved earlier as it is full of flavour.

...And wallah! - 
The easiest, tastiest vegetable soup you will ever make without using any form of blender

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