Ave Maria, I Hear Wedding Bells!

Now for all you cheeky people who follow my instagram, you will have seen this photo before and probably speculated a wedding in the horizon. But I can now officially announce my sister is getting married!

We're all thrilled and being an Italian family we've become seemingly more crazy than usual, all throwing in our own ideas and having arguments about the guest-list and wedding dress styles.

My sister being very kind and maybe slightly off her head for having too much belief in me, wanted me to make her wedding cake... although I was thrilled and screamed yes! D and my family slowly brought me back down from cloud 9 to the attention of having never made a professional cake before, therefore I would not be for the 200 guests going to this wedding.

Gorgeous & Green Wedding Dessert Table

Shame I know, but we've decided I will be baking for the sweets table (unless my Nonna decides otherwise!). 

C's colour theme is mid green and white so I'm thinking cannollis! Cake pops! Heart shaped iced biscuits! Cupcakes! Macaroons! 

I'm slowly forming a collage of ideas 
so please throw your ideas this way (I beg you!)
The more I get, the larger chance I have of actually going through with it and if they are Italian inspired you get a gold star!

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  1. Okay, so this neither Italian nor fancy, Buuut chocolate covered marshmallows are a huge hit with kids. In the states we have jumbo marshmallows that I dip in white chocolate and stick one of those fancy paper straws (cut in half) in it and sprinkle with cute decorations. You could find straws and sprinkles to match the color theme. I've made these for informal and formal events and they've impressed across the board. They turn out fancier looking than they really are!

    1. Hey Risa,
      They sound great! I could do dipped white chocolate and green sprinkles with green sticks! That's a really good idea - thanks so much


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