Baked Banana & Chocolate Doughnuts

Would you even believe me if I told you that you could make these in your own home anytime you want? Deadly isn't it...

As you're probably aware if you follow me on twitter or instagram I recently bought this doughnut pan online. 

I couldn't wait to get the time to bake some, I was glued to pinterest trying to find the best recipe for my first ever doughnuts!

I ended up creating these bad boys...

You will need...

2 overripe bananas

170g caster sugar
170g self raising flour
170g softened unsalted butter
3 eggs
Few drops of vanilla extract 


1). Pre-heat oven to 160C /Gas mark 3

2). Use a mixer if you have one and mix all ingredients together. If you don't get a burly man to help you unless you want arms of steel (you go girl).

3). Pour mixture into piping bag (always such a messy job for me

4). Pipe into your greased doughnut pan, try not to over fill as they will rise.

5). Bake for one hour. Hard work is now done so relax and put the kettle on.

6). Take out of pan and leave to cool

7). Optional; Add toppings or serve with toffee sauce like me.

These are so easy to do, just use any cake mixture and bake within a doughnut pan!

What sponge are you going to try?

Let me know :)

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  1. Love this!! Just made Banana Bread yesterday so I'll have to wait a week before I try this :-)


    1. Hey Dana,

      Glad you like it! I love how you can take the simplest cake recipe and turn it into something special and out of the ordinary! Definitely recommend everyone to get doughnut baking pan :)


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