Banana Toffee Dairy-Free Shake

This is made from a banana, a dash of almond milk (or water) and toffee sauce. No ice cream, no dairy and no price tags. Thought that might catch your attention...

All you will need is (Serves one)

A banana (frozen see how here
Toffee sauce or which ever (if any) additional flavours you wish 
Almond Milk or Water if you want it dairy free - both equally thick and gorgeous!


1) Blitz your frozen chopped banana until smooth

2) Add your chosen liquid making it thinner. Keep adding and mixing until your happy with its consistency 

3) Add your flavours and mix into your milkshake or add it to the sides of your glass like mine.

4) Add more to the top, grab a straw and go!

Or a spoon :P

Easy, fat-free, dairy-free shake

Keep it thick and you've got yourself an ice cream!

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