Happy Valentines Day!

So that special day has come that we all either love it or hate it...
and of course D ruins the potential of a nice photograph!

I've got a little something to brighten up your day if a lover or a fighter...

So for all you haters, this is for you...

I love this Card from Daft Squirrel

...And for all the lover lovers out there who still haven't gotten your special someones gifts these are for you ;)

My Truffles and Posh Buttons are great and extremely quick to rustle up (which can only help you as its valentines day morning!)

Or if you've got the day off (you lucky person) or got some spare time on your hands you could make my healthy Brownies or my zero fat and dairy Gelato or even my Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts if you're going to be extra romantic ;)

Let me know if your sitting in front of the telly tonight with Ben&Jerry sobbing to The Notebook or going on a date
I want all the juicy details!

... if your wondering about me,
its just a cozy night in with the telly..and D of course.

Having said that hes just bought the new Xbox, 
 so maybe D will want the TV all to himself 

Anyway enough about me, 
Big love to all my foodies out there!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you do :)

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