Homemade Pizza - Bon Appetit!

Whilst rustling through mountains of recipes trying to find a savoury dish to make I came across the ultimate easy, use any ingredients you've got kind of recipe - Perfect!

You will need...

For Pizza
1 1/2 mugs of self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting
1/2 mug of warm water

For Toppings
This section is really up to you but I used..

Two tablespoons of tomato puree
Two tablespoons of pesto - see how to make it here
Chorizo slices


1). Add flour and water into your standing mixer and mix together using your dough hook. If you don't have one don't fret a little elbow grease and it will be just as good.

2). Once the flour and water are bound, roll the dough out on a floured surface until it is about half a centimeter thick. I love my pizzas thin based, however this can be altered to your own personal preference.

3). Once you are happy with your dough, lightly dust both sides of your pizza with flour and fold. Put your dough into a hot non-stick pan (use a touch of olive oil is necessary). Unfold the dough once inside the pan. If your dough is slightly bigger than the pan just cut bits off.

4). Next add your toppings.

I had to cook my spinach from frozen, if you do too make sure this is the first thing you do as it takes the longest!

5). Once you've added all your toppings put the pan under a hot grill to allow the top to crisp and your cheesy to melt - yummy!

6). Take out of pan and serve!

I love how rustic and simple this meal is. The minimum you need is flour, water, tomatoes, pesto and cheese! No yeast whatsoever, absolutely ridiculous for how tasty it is! Say goodbye to shop bought pizzas from now on.

Bon Appetiti!

This recipe was taken and slightly altered from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals - a book I highly recommend. You got to love a bit of the naked chef every now and then ;)

Let me know how you get on 
and if you tried any other toppings. 

Or if you're more of a thick base kind lover try my puff pasty pizza here.

Ciao for now!

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  1. Oooo, I love a hearty rustic pizza. I used to make a yeast dough and freeze it so when I was ready for a pizza night I would just have to pop it in the fridge in the morning to thaw by dinner time. Love this skillet version.

    1. Hi Risa :)

      Yeah I find rustic food to have such soul and look amazing even when its slightly messy (my excuse anyway :P ).

      The crust is lovely you really must try it without yeast if your a fan of pizzas with thin bases :) Just make sure the dough is rolled quite thin as mine was to thick causing it to become slightly tough - lesson for next time tho!

      What are your favourite pizza toppings?


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