How can I lose weight?

It seems that everyone around me at the moment is dieting, trying to increase their exercise routines or just moaning about wanting to lose more weight!

Its easy for me to sit here and say what you need to do, but you've got the hard bit – you've actually got to do it!

Do you always feel slightly better when you add exercise or diet related pins to your Pinterest boards - I do! Reading this, writing this, even pinning this, isn't going to help you lose weight but your willpower and dedication will! I know you can do it!

I can't lie, I'm just as guilty for doing all these things to try and drop a dress size. I've never been able to lose weight in the past due to my lack of willpower... until now. Let me just say that this will only be successful if you see it as a change in lifestyle and not as a temporary diet to lose weight for the summer.

I know, because I try and abide to these rules everyday and I've lost 1 1/2 stones and kept it off for just over a year now. So what are you waiting for? Lets do it together!

Here are a couple useful tips that help me lose and maintain a realistic and natural weight.

1) Its all about portion control - we have to stop overeating. You only get pleasure for that split second then its all regret. It isn't worth it! Lets stop being greedy there is so much food around us its not going anywhere so relax and leave it for when you are hungry.

2) Its all about eating substitutes when your craving something in particular (your body is actually asking for these things). See here for more info what your cravings mean.

This is 5lb in fat and muscle - the difference speaks for itself! I still can't get over this!

3) Exercise - I know you were dreading this one, but it's not something you can run from (excuse the pun). Just go for a walk/cycle around the block, I promise you'll feel so much better after.

4) If you repeat a routine for 5 weeks it will become a habit. So don't think you'll have to work hard forever. Just set yourself a 5 week goal and then recess in 5 weeks time.

For more inspiring and insightful help go to my Pinterest 'Gym' board .

Just remember its not a race it's a change in lifestyle. Don't forget it's for the best, long term! 

Hope this has helped! Any questions I wanna hear them.
Or, if you have any inspiring stories or any help please comment below, I'd really appreciate it :)
The more help, the better!
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