National Make A Friend Day! Recipes&Reviews Blog Takeover

As it's National 'Make A Friend Day' I thought I'd honor it with a fellow foodie interview.

I recently came across a great foodie blog 
Recipes and Reviews written by Emily and couldn't wait to ask her lots of juicy questions!

Hi Emily,
Do you have a favourite blog?
Such a tricky question as I feel like I find new blogs every day - both food and fashion - and it depends if I'm after recipes with droolworthy pics or a restaurant recommendation in a new city! My favourite foodie blog is probably Eatlikeagirl and I love reading Intothefold fashion blog for her brilliant wit and great fashion sense. Of course Luchia Cooks is a fab new find too!

What would you make for a dinner party?
I recently made tapas which worked out quite well - I think it'd be great for a social occasion where everyone could try a bit of everything! 

If I did three courses I'd probably start with either seared scallops or poached egg with asparagus and hollandaise sauce, for main my favourite parma ham and mozzarella risotto
 and for pudding a homemade Bakewell with cream. 

What made you start blogging?
I studied MA Print Journalism and so it began as a sort of portfolio to myself to develop my writing skills when I wasn't doing any other work experience. We were encouraged to start a blog and it made sense to go with my passion for food. I've been getting into it so much more in the last 18 months, met some great people and got to do some incredible things - can't imagine not blogging now!

Do you cook from recipe books, if so which is your favourite?
Sometimes! At the moment I'm loving Gok Cooks Chinese and keep eyeing up the Thomasina Miers' Wahaca book on the shelves. I have a Mary Berry book waiting in the wings for when I dare to attempt a "showstopper."

When you're not blogging, what do you do?
I also write for my day job - although not about food - so most of my time is spent either writing, blogging, cooking or shamelessly Instagram-ing my food. I also (luckily) love to run so that helps to burn off my greedy habits!

Favourite meal?
Oohhhh do I have to pick? So cruel! I always go for steak or seafood dishes at restaurants and I'm mad on risotto - so probably would be a seafood risotto with lots of king prawns and calamari. One of my favourite bistros in Leicester
 makes the perfect seafood risotto! 
I just can't get enough of sushi!

Starter or dessert and why?
Probably starter as I'm a savoury kind of lass! If I spied a Bakewell tart or anything almond or hazelnut on the dessert menu, I'd probably give it up to save room for pudding though. Can't I just have all three? :)

Have you had any cooking disasters you’re willing to admit to? What went wrong? 
The first time I made chocolate brownies I got very overexcited about the amount of chocolate chunks. It was so laden with chocolate that it didn't form a brownie properly and was essential a tray of melted chocolate. Oops.

Sneak peak at any upcoming recipes?
Ooh that would be telling! Lined up for February, I have some vegan ravioli, salted caramel cupcakes and crab and avocado toast recipes coming up...

Keep your eyes peeled for this foodie
- especially if you live in and around Leicestershire!
Recipes and Reviews

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