Welsh Cakes

Last weekend Dan's lovely Mammy surprised me with a welsh cake afternoon. I've tried to make them in the past and they've ended up in the bin so when we arrived for lunch on Sunday she'd prepared it everything in order to show me step by step. I couldn't wait to get stuck in! 

With St. Davids day tomorrow you have no excuses but to get involved too. Lets celebrate the welsh nation the right way... through eating!

You will need...

225g Self-raising flour
85g Caster sugar
110g Unsalted butter (preferably Welsh)
1 egg
Handful of sultanas


10g Caster sugar for dusting at the end
blitz almonds or couple drops of almond extract for a slight variation in flavour


1). Mix flour, sugar, blitzed almonds or flavouring (if using), butter and sultanas together thoroughly.

2). Now add your egg to the mixture. Using your hands squeeze together the egg and flour mixture. The dryer the mixture the better the welsh cakes so persevere. 

  • 3). Once your mixture is all stuck together and looks like my photo below, dust a surface and start rolling! You want it to be about 1cm thick.

4). Make sure your dough is lightly dusted with flour on both sides before you begin to cut out all your cakes. Either use a cutter or improvise with a glass, mug or tin until you have no mix left.

I know it seems strange but I've learnt from the best and Dan's Mammy couldn't emphasize it enough 'the dryer the better'. 

 5). Heat your pan on a medium to hot heat. If you've got a baking stone I'd use one. Dan's Mammy's got a Severin Crepe Maker its absolutely perfect I'd recommend it you regularly bake biscuits, pancakes and scones. If not don't worry a frying pan works fine. 

Due to the amount of butter in the cakes you won't need to add any oil or spray to the pan. 

6). It only takes around 5 minutes to cook them once they are brown on their first side flip them to cook the other. Put them on a cooling rack to cool.

7). Once the welsh cakes have all been cooked you can either serve straight away or if your dusting (which I think gives them a lovely finish if your having a treat might as well go the whole way!) add your additional sugar into a plastic sandwich bag. Put a couple cakes in the bag at a time and lightly tip the bag making sure your covering the cakes all over.

8). Once all covered, serve with a lovely pot of tea or if you've got incredible will power put in an airtight container. They will last up to 2 weeks.

Mwynhau, diwrnod yn hapus dewi sant!
*Enjoy! Happy St David's Day

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, don't forget to comment below :)

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