Friday Favourites

Its that lovely time again where I'm going to give you a round up of all my current bookmarked foodie obsessions.

I'm worryingly becoming a kitchen utensil hoarder. I love collecting all things kitchen, I must admit though I am running out of space. I might have to kick Dan out soon to gain more ;)

So without further ado here are my Friday Favourites...

Now although these Bombay Duck teacup and sauces are very very pretty. They are far too expensive for me to justify purchasing them *Sad face* However if any of you lovely people know of any cheaper ones please let me know *happy face!*

Professional piping is something I really want to get into but at the moment I have no reasons to make a cake worth piping onto. Whilst writing that I cringed at how untrue that is and it occurred to me that my only real reason is that I'm scared.

But this piping set by Lakeland is only £12.99 and comes with 7 different nozzels so I may just bite the bullet with this one!

Next up is this amazing Castle Bundt Cake Pan Mold! How fantastic is it! An inexpensive way to make a showstopping children's cake. I love how this baking tin allows you to put your creative hat on and just go mad! 

You could make a sandcastle, princess castle or even a medieval castle cake. The possibilities are endless!

My forth current desire at the moment are these Silicone Decorating Moulds! How fantastic do they look!? 

You can use them with chocolate, fondant, marzipan and loads other options.

If I purchase them they would be my go to gift for someone I don't know what to get! Similar to my Posh Buttons!

Lastly I must get my hands on this budget book by Busyb (an adorable stationary brand that I am obsessed with). I am a organisation nutter and proud!

This book has pages for in-goings and out-goings and spaces for you to keep your receipts. I know I'm sad but its an amazing gift or present to yourself if your a control freak like me :) I need this one for my sanity.

So there you have it 
- my five current favourites.

Have you got anything your craving to purchase? 
Let me know in the comments below!

Oh and if any of you saw my last Friday Favourites I finally got round to using my doughnut pan see how here!

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  2. Those are all adorable picks. I have to say, you have me fooled that there's a cake decorator hidden inside of you!! I have a set of Wilton frosting piping tips (it's a large set I got on clearance for about $11 US!!) and they're a lot of fun to play around with even if you're a complete beginner. I'm also an organization and journal junkie, so I'm totally swooning over that budget notebook.

  3. P.S. I just looked up those silicone flower decorating molds on amazon (US) they're going for $99.00 (I think that's about £59.00)!!! Crazy they're about 4 times more expensive over here.

    1. Hello :)

      Haha I'm flattered but I have *hand on my heart* never made a professional looking cake in my life. It is on the to-do list though ;) I really like the Wilton brand I've got their doughnut pan its fantastic so might have to look at their piping range..be rude not to!

      I am so glad your a journal junkie as well I am totally obsessed. I write lists for everything!

      Wow, $99?! That's ridiculous! They are only £15 here so should only be $23! I'm sorry I've got you lusting over such an expensive item :P how great is it though? hehe


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