Lets Banish Boring Lunchboxes!

I am completely stuck in a rut when it comes to my lunch. Working in an office with no canteen nor shops nearby is becoming a real problem for me.

My super quick broccoli Pasta

I've tried salads, avocado pasta, sandwiches and I cannot express more to you how bored I am of lunchbox food. I hate having wraps because they usually go soggy and I hate having only fruit and vegetables because I crave carbs.

So hoping I'm not alone as I'm going to try and tackle this issue in the next coming weeks by posting a tasty lunchbox idea at least once a week. The lunches will be inexpensive and won't take long to make the night before because the least amount of time on lunch making is more time on something much more fun.

Comment below your lunch box fillers
I need all the inspiration I can get!

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  1. When I need to mix things up a bit I like to add tuna or shredded chicken to pasta and veggies to make a filling pasta salad. When you add a bunch of other ingredients, you can use less pasta so you're not overloaded on carbs.

    1. Hey Risa, Thank you that's such a great tip!

      So simple yet something I have never thought about. I will definitely start adding more veggies to my meals than pasta from now on :)


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