Mini Flakey Lamb Pasties

When my Grandparents use to come and visit me in University, they'd always come up with a big bag full of my Nan's frozen homemade pasties. They are delicious.

You will need... (makes 20ish - quantity depends on your sizing)

500g Puff pastry (homemade recipe here)
200g Minced Lamb
2 Onions
1 Egg
Salt & Pepper
Dash of olive oil 


1). Heat a pan, add dash of olive oil, chopped onions and minced lamb. Once cooked leave aside and roll out your puff pastry.

2). Cut circles out of your pasty and with a spoon add your cooled filling to one half of the circle. Make sure to leave 1/2 cm gap all the way around the edge.

3). Once you've added the mixture to all the pastry circles, gently fold the circle in half. Press firmly on the rounded edges to make sure they are closed. 

4). Beat your egg. With a brush or your fingers egg wash the crease and on a bit on either side of your pasties.

5). Now, either leave to dry and freeze in an airtight container (cook at 180C for 30/40 minutes from frozen) or cook them as they are at 180C for about 10/15 minutes.

So simple for a quick tasty snack.
They never ever seem to last that long in my house!

Have you got any quick snacks simple to rustle up?
Let me know, comment below :)

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