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Me and Dan have finally gotten round to booking our first ever summer holiday. Its very exciting and I cannot wait. 

However I have slowly come to the realisation that this means I will have to wear a bikini in a few months time. It's one of life's first world problems that all tasty foods are terrible for you. 

I have decided to try and take action into my own hands by joining a gym and planning a health concentrated eating plan.. no not a diet - I know that's what you were thinking and you are wrong!

I have provided myself with a winter onesie made from Christmas food and lovely nibbles baked on the cold evenings. Unfortunately its not something I can delicately slip out of. But I'm going to stop moaning now and suck a lemon. 

Diets are boring and make me depressed so I am just going to try and eat less rubbish and when I do eat rubbish just substitute it for one of my main meals if I'm not hungry when either lunch or tea roll around. If your trying to slim down take a look here at my lifestyle post (not diet post!) Its a breakdown into how I keep my weight off without having to do these ridiculous fad diets.

Talking of fad diets I am going to implement My Protein shakes and supplements into my plan to see if it makes much of a difference as everyone seems to be going crazy for them at the moment!

I bought:

MP MAX Elle True Diet  (1.8kg chocolate flavoured pouch)
This is the protein powder its high in protein without all the rubbish helping you improve body shape and tone if used whilst exercising regularly. The protein also includes extracts of green tea and CLA which are natural fat burners helping you loose those inches when used properly.

MP MAX Thermopure (90 pills per pot)

These little beauties are a blend of natural goodness with extracts of green tea and chromium to support weight control and aid weight loss. 

I will also be consuming the standard vitamin/mineral supplements once a day.

I understand this is different to my usual posts but if you are interested in the results, my meal and exercise plans or anything related please comment below letting me know and I will continue to post about it on here :)

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Health disclaimer: Not suitable for anyone under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone with hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, or people who have sleep problems.

Disclaimer: This post has not be supported by anyone other than myself.

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