New York Deli {Restaurant, Cardiff}

I was lucky enough to attend University in Cardiff, Wales. It is a fantastic place and one that I hold very dear to my heart. 

If I ever went missing my friends always knew there was only three places I would ever be...

University, Bills or at New York Deli. 

If you take away anything from this post today it's that the Yanks know how to make good food! 

Although the New York Deli may only be a small cafe in the centre of Wales, it holds true American spirit. 

Their range of American drinks (I always order a Snapple if ones going) but also their ginormous portion sizes are something to write home about. If your ever visiting the capital its hands down the best place to go for a hefty deep filled sandwich (a hoagie) or one of their gorgeous bagels. 

In the photo above, modeled by my gorgeous friend Natalie, we had Philadelphia Hoagies. In which is filled with ham, salami, cheese, lettuce and tomato and is always a classic winner in my book. 

Their are countless reasons why I love Cardiff. Its people, its places and its true passion are something admirable. 

Click here to check out the New York Deli's Facebook page for more details!

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