Oreo Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day everyone! I really didn't know what to post today, I didn't want to make a classic it had to be something different. Then I saw an American pin for  'Oreo pancakes' and thought that's it! Looking through the recipe made my teeth hurt and would be too much even to have as a dessert. So here is my own recipe for healthy Oreo cookies pancakes.

You will need...
3 eggs
115g plain flour (or self raising, just don't add baking powder)
1 headed teaspoon baking powder
1 heaped tablespoon of cocoa powder
1 heaped tablespoon of caster sugar (optional but necessary for 
all sweet-tooths like myself)
140ml milk
1 pinch of salt
2-4 bananas depending on size and personal taste
Vanilla extract (optional)


1) Separate eggs into two bowls. Whites in one, yolks in the other.

2) Mix flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar and milk to the yolks until smooth batter.

3) Whisk the whites with the salt until it forms stiff peaks (you will need a standing/hand mixer).

4) Fold whites into batter.

5) Heat a non-stick pan on a medium heat (I added a drip of oil here and wiped it around with kitchen roll if non-stick). Pour batter onto pan in small Oreo sized pancakes and fry.

6) Once the bottom looks cooked and firm, flip and fry the other side.

7) Mash bananas together and add a couple drops of vanilla.

8) Once all pancakes are cooked, add banana to the centre of two pancakes recreating an Oreo and eat!

They're flipping great ;)
What fillings are you using on your pancakes today?

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  1. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this...but I'm an Oreo junkie - true story.My little girls also happen to be HUGE fans of pancakes. I'm thinking these are totally meant to be!

    1. Haha I do indeed! Oh you really should make them then! They look fantastic only downside is they aren't giant oreos! :P

    2. Well then I'll have to work on that ;-) Maybe a little Oreo cookie crumble on top would be a decadent little treat!

    3. That sounds delicious! Or you could try it throughout the banana filling? Yummy! If you end up giving it a go be sure to post me a picture! Love my daily feed of food porn <3


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