Very Berry Pimms Slushie

Summer is slowly but ever so surely coming and I cannot wait. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw real sunshine shining through my windows over Easter. It was gorgeous and made me go grab a bottle of Pimm's at the first chance I got.

All you need is... (Serves one)

Handful of ice
Handful of frozen summer berries
Sprig of mint
Bottle of lemonade 
Couple shots of Pimms - (I have their limited edition Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm's, its totally delicious and worth getting if you can)

1). First rule in Pimm's club, talk about it with anyone who will listen! Grab your ice and berries and throw them into your blender and press go.

You want it to be like a slushie so just keep going if you still have a few large ice cubes left like mine below.

2). Once happy, scoop your summer slush into a glass and add as much or as little lemonade as you like (I won't tell anyone).

3). Lastly, for decoration purposes only, add a couple more berries to add to the top. With your mint leaves between your hands, clap a couple times as this will bruise your leaves and help the flavour become stronger. Add to the top, pop in a straw if you've got one lying around (unfortunately I didn't) and serve.

And as it gets warmer the berries soften, releasing their juices and the ice becomes even more slushy - absolutely yummy! 

I love this drink, super summary and super tasty 
Smiles all around ;)

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Luchia Cooks Disclaimer: This post has not been financed or supported by anyone other than myself. It is 100% natural and personally created. Pimm's were not involved in the making.

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