Bordeaux Quay: The Patisserie Workshop

To say my Mum and I are fans of British Bake Off would be an understatement. We use to watch it every Tuesday without fail and then try to recreate their beautiful bakes ..unsuccessfully, which I suppose was always part of the fun! 

For her birthday I decided to book us into Bordeaux Quay's patisserie workshop to prove to our family that we aren't lost hopes when it comes to french baking..well that was the plan anyway!

We arrived early and couldn't contain our excitement.. and perhaps nerves as we started scoping out the professionals of the group.

Our cookery teacher Kelly Sealey guided us to our kitchen where we were greeted with a tall glass of vodka and tonic "you can't start a bake without a drink" she said, it was at that point I knew we would get on.

We sat round her kitchen counter and watched as she made choux pastry, creme patisserie and lemon curd, it was amazing to see a real professional work and with such ease. Then the moment I was dreading arrived, it was our turn! 

We went off in our pairs and had all our ingredients weighed out in bowls so you'd think it wouldn't be that hard? I can safely say that if me or my Mum were on British Bake Off or another cooking show we would crumble under the pressure. Here's our choux pastry rings and profiteroles before...

And after..

Next up.. macaroons! Look at that concentration.. my piping skills improved massively during class. The key points I learnt is to make sure you push from the top and not mid way and hold your bag straight up when piping macaroons not from an angle. 

Whilst the macaroons were in the oven it was time for a pit stop and the perfect break always includes tea, coffee and cake. Lucky for us the pastry we made earlier was out the oven and ready for piping with double cream that was whipped with icing sugar and lemon curd. 

 They were absolutely delicious. 

Next we were given puff pastry disks that we piped the creme patisserie into and topped with strawberries and sugared pistachios. For me there is nothing better than a good creme patisserie.  

These little beauties all went missing within seconds! It wasn't me promise :P They were absolutely gorgeous, definitely a treat I'll be making at home. Cheap and simple but super effective and divine!

The macaroons were now out the oven and ready to be piped with all different kinds of ganache. 

Look how great ours came out! Super glossy and without the peaks from piping, we couldn't help but feel slightly impressed with our talents..

 A little dusting never hurt anyone. 

The sweetie monster came back and ran off with the majority of macaroons in a flash! 

The class was nearly 4 hours long and an absolute joy to be apart of.

Although the classes are rather pricey I truly believe they are worth it for special occasions. To see prices and the variety of classes click here.

Have you ever attended a food workshop?
If not, what type of bake/cook would you want to improve?
Comment below :)

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  1. What fun. Luchia.
    My baking skills leave a lot to be desired, but I would definitely be tempted to try it out.

    Just started following you on instagram and pinterest.

    1. Hi Diana,

      As I mentioned on G+ it was a really great day out, especially as people attended with a variety of skills and we all were able to learn something new! Thank you very much for the follow that means a lot as I am a real fan of your blog its fantastic. I have a real passion for creativity and DIY :)

  2. So jealous!! I've attempted macarons twice...and failed twice. Yours look lovely!

    1. Thanks Risa :) I really want to attempt them at home now but every time I tried before the class I failed miserable! If I puck up the courage and succeed I'll do a post about it :)


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