Bristol Food Connections Festival

Last weekend Bristol was taken over by foodies left right and centre! Food Connections Festival was all about good food and bringing people together. So of course I had to go and see, smell and taste all that my lovely city had to offer.

 The sun was shining and Me and Dan were off on a food quest. The Sausage Fest was the first thing to catch his eye..as well as the smoothie stall....choices, choices, choices.

 I couldn't resist the BBQ stands! Give me pulled pork, apple sauce and crispy crackling any day and I'm a happy girl and I was a very happy girl that day look at the size of the pig they were roasting for all us hungry foodies!!..

 I was surprised at the range of food and how fresh it was all sourced. I even found a little spot serving gorgeous Paella. 

 As we continued our voyage across Bristol to all the different venues for all their various foods we came across a big tent that did not disappoint. Full of cakes, pies and even cheese as big as tree trunks!

 Next up was Queen Square with the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion party. The grounds were full of happy people with full bellies and large glasses of good ol' Somerset cider. 

Large tipi's  were dotted around, that inside made you feel as if you've walked through the Nardia wardrobe, with fairy lights everywhere and a lovely couple from New Mexico, USA who were singing and playing instruments all day transporting everyone to another world.

 In one of the tipi's was a pop up pizzeria that you could watch the chefs make your very own pizza in front of you, so of course I was up there with all the kids wide eyed and drooling.

 Our last stop was to happy hour for delicious 2 4 1 cocktails! Can't resist a good strawberry daiquiri or a bargain ;)

It was also the perfect time to try all our goodies we'd picked up on our voyage. The brownie was by far my favourite - dessert before main, that's what I always say.

I had an amazing day and filled my belly with lots of gorgeous, local treats. Organic, homemade and fresh really beats any mass produced food. I was one very happy....very full girl!

Did you visit the festival or visit something similar?
Tell me all about it below :)

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