Chocolate & Marshmallow No Churn Ice Cream

Ever since I made my no churn salted caramel and fudge ice cream it's safe to say I've gone a little ice cream crazy, but then do you blame me? So now I present you with my hot chocolate inspired creation for BSFIC's May challenge Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream.

All you need:
300ml Double cream
175g Condensed milk

15g Unsweetened cocoa powder, sifted
100g Mini marshmallows
2tbsp Chocolate liqueur (I used Baileys)

All you need to do is:
1). Whisk your cream, condensed milk and liqueur together until soft peaks begin to form. 

2). Next sift in your cocoa powder and whisk until thoroughly mixed. Tip here is to use a spatula to get the cocoa powder off the edges to give it a good mix. Then fold in your marshmallows.

Look at how airy that looks, I just want to lick the screen!

3). Fill your mixture into an airtight container (needs to be able to hold 1 pint). Freeze for 6 hours or more and serve.

I literally can't get enough of this stuff!

What flavour should I try next?


  1. Oh my goodness girlie, you're killing me. This looks amazing!

    1. Haha! Sorry Risa I just can't help myself!! I need to stop though putting on way too much weight! Need to start finding tasty low carb recipes :P

  2. What a lovely idea -- who can resist hot chocolate with mini marshmallows? Not me! Great to have you join BSFIC!

    1. Thanks Kavey! Glad to be apart of the team :)


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