Double Chocolate Baked Doughnuts With Custard Filling

What a better way to celebrate a Friday with a doughnut?! 

A lot of my blogger friends know me and doughnuts have a very special relationship. So as soon as I saw this recipe by Everything Is Poetry it would of been rude not to of given it a go (worth noting I changed the recipe slightly as I found it wasn't very sweet...can you imagine?!)

To make 10 chocolate doughnuts you will need...

6fl.oz Full-fat milk
2 tbsp Butter
7 g Dry yeast

140g Sugar 
1 Egg
400g Plain flour
75g Cocoa (unsweetened)
Pinch of salt

To make your rich chocolate gaze you need;
100 g milk chocolate
50 g butter
50 g sugar
1 tbsp water

For the custard filling I used one ready made but gold star for you if you want to make it from scratch!

You will also need a food syringe or piping bag with a small nozzle so you can put the custard into the middle of your doughnuts 

Optional; Icing sugar for dusting

Doughnut Method...

1). Pre-heat oven at 180C. Heat the milk with butter and mix until the butter is dissolved

2). Next, put the sugar and yeast in a small bowl, add 2 tbsp of the warmed milk/butter mixture and let the yeast start working for 5 minutes. Beat your egg while waiting

3). Now. mix your flour with cocoa and salt in a bowl, then add the yeast mixture, rest of the milk and the egg

4). Mix the dough until it comes together , put it on a flour-dusted counter and knead for about 5 minutes

5). Let the dough rise in a warm place for about an hour and then knead it again and roll into about 1,5 cm/1/2” thick. Next cut out your doughnuts, I used a mug for this step to keep them all the same size.

6). Let the dough rise again for 30 minutes.

7). Bake your doughnuts for about 10 minutes in your pre-heated oven and leave to cool.

Glaze method...

8). I would wait until your doughnuts are completely cool before making your glaze as once it's made you need to coat them straight away and if they are still warm the chocolate will melt and not sit nice and thick on top. First melt your butter in a small pan with your water and sugar whilst continuing to stir and the mixture reaches boiling point and the sugar has completely dissolved.

9). Now take it off the stove and add roughly chopped chocolate into the mix until glossy and smooth. Once you reach this glaze you are ready to get dipping! I transfered my doughnuts onto greaseproof paper just in case they got stuck. I also used a palette knife to tidy up the glaze on top.

Adding filling method...

10). Last step make your custard or open up the container like me oops :P and put it into your piping bag. Push your nozzle into a side of your cooled doughnuts and squeeze as much filling as you can until it comes back at you, at this point you know its filled the inside. 

Look at those beautiful chocolate balls!

 I always like to dust my treats with icing sugar just to give it a special finish...

That custard filling was incredible and balanced out the rich chocolate flavour perfectly!

Doughnuts are my true food addiction
This recipe is one not only close to my heart but also becoming quite a regular in my house, I really do have to stop soon :P

What do you guys think? 
Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. Thanks Kat :) Must admit they tasted pretty good too! Didn't last long though!

  2. Oh my goodness, holy yum! They look so fluffy and creamy and mmmmm

    1. Thanks Risa! Let me know if you give me a go :) doughnuts <3


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