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I haven't posted a 'Friday Favourites' in a while because god forbid there hasn't been anything in the market worth mentioning but don't fret as I've found some cracking items that I must find a way to get into my cupboards! Happy Friday Everyone!

accidentally came across this fantastic Ironwood Gourmet Wooden Baguette Tray. I've never seen one of these before and have absolutely fallen in love with it. Plus, I think it would be great for big get-togethers' and family meals.
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Unfortunately it costs around $42/£25 so maybe a birthday or Christmas gift would be the way around this one because my frugalness will not let me spend £25 on a bread tray however lovely it is.

Next on my list is from Joseph Joseph. I absolutely love this brand as they are always coming up with funky, space saving kitchen lifesavers and this Nest Measuring Cup Set doesn't disappoint. It has 5 cups starting at 1/6 up to a whole cup and is only £10/$17!

I've never been interested in purchasing a cup set as I've always converted my ingredients into grams but as I am using more and more American recipes I'm becoming increasing lazy. So if anyone wants to buy me this (I'm talking to you family and friends) I'd be ever to grateful

Buy it here: Etsy
Now you may have seen these plates posted on my Facebook last week and if not well you're in for a treat!

It isn't the cheapest product as one plate costs around £28/$45 but I think its worth it for a special gift or memory.

Or if you're a crafty little thing why not make one yourself? Plate, marker pen and a non-toxic seal would work (If you do make one yourself please let me know what you used as the seal as I'd love to give it a go)

Buy now: Lakeland
If you've seen my previous Friday Favourites here and here you'll know that I am a love baking techniques  and products that help give amateur bakers like myself get the wow factor! 

Lakeland are currently having a sale on which means this Lace-Look Silicone Icing Mat is going for £7 instead of £10 (not a huge difference but I'll take the lesser any day). With this beautiful thing you paint or dust the mat with edible glitter or icing like this one and press it against your fondant icing creating a lovely effect similar to the image above. Or you could use it to make imprints into your icing.

Super simple which gives your cakes a great finish! If this is up your street I'd buy one asap whilst they're in stock and discounted!

My final favourite this Friday is this slick coffee machine by Krups. It's the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo, a wonderfully small gadget that makes endless hot drinks click here for the range. 

Purchase on Amazon

It costs around £50 if you look in the right places, a great price for such a stylish machine. Plus, I know first hand that it makes delicious coffees and teas.

The only slight negative is the price of their capsules (you need these to make your chosen drink) costing around £4-£6 for only 16 drinks! Reading that back I can see how that can seem good value but how much is a jar of coffee or a bag of teabags £4, £5? and you get a hell of a lot more cups out of it than 16!

Nevertheless if you can afford it this isn't a problem. Why not treat yourself to a posh coffee in your own home? You deserve it! They come in a range of colours but I'd personally stick to the red as it would match my kitchen ;) If you know of any good coffee machines please do comment below!

 Did you see my last Friday Favourites I finally got round to using my doughnut pan see how here!

What are you currently lusting over?
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