Happy Birthday You Cheeseball, Malteser Cheesecake

My baby brother turned 19 last weekend, I cannot believe how fast time flies, it's devastating. 

But birthdays not only mean bringing out the baby photos and embarrassing them a ridiculous amount but also mouthwatering cake. This year was no exception with a mighty cheesecake being his choice of preference.

I wanted to make his birthday cheesecake slightly more fancy than your average New Yorker so I added Maltesers. apologise in advance for its appearance, I ran out of time and couldn't find a doily (I will tell you why a dollie had a part to play further down).

The main thing is it tasted out of this world so I think I should get slight credit for that, please? Don't forget I am only an amateur  and I had a complete and utter off day.

All you need to make this delicious cheesecake is.. (Serves 6)

300g Digestive biscuits
50g Unsalted butter
500g Cream cheese (low-fat)
100g Icing sugar, sifted
1tsp Vanila extract
200ml Double cream, whipped
100g Maltesers

Optional for decoration: 
Maltesers (as many as you want to top it with)
Cocoa Powder
Paper doily or an obstructive object (I unashamedly used gummy snakes)


1.) Firstly, break your biscuits into crumbs. I find the best way to do this is to fill the sandwich bag with the biscuits and once you've sealed your bag smash them with a rolling pin. Not only do you keep mess to a minimum but you also get rid of any anger and stress  you've built up - perfect!

2). Once you've got crumbs add in your melted butter and mix thoroughly. Spoon your mixture into your baking tin (one with a loose bottom is best for getting it out at the end). Press down with your hand to make sure the base will set secure. Leave to chill in your fridge.

3). Chop your Maltesers into halves and quarters but be careful not to cut your finger as its not the easiest thing to chop (believe me).

4). Add your cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla to a mixing bowl and whisk well. Next, fold in your whipped cream and broken Maltesers until thoroughly mixed.

5). Spoon your mixture over your chilled biscuit base, make sure you bang it once finished to discard any air bubbles. Smooth the top then leave to set in fridge overnight. 

5). Now you could take it out of its container and serve it as it is, which is fine 


if like me you, you've got a creative streak and want to finish it off with an artistic presence by either covering it with Maltesers or find a paper doily and carefully place it on top of your cheesecake then dust either edible glitter, coloured icing sugar or cocoa powder over it (make sure you do this step lightly or it will turn out like mine...not good!). Once covered carefully take the doily off and wah lah you have yourself a beautiful finish! I learnt that amazing trick off a fellow foodie on Google+ and cannot wait to use it!

As I unfortunately couldn't find a paper doily at the time and had to substitute it for gummy snakes (ah see it all comes together now) which worked (to some degree) but not anywhere near the level I wanted.

But as my mother use to say 'just close your eyes and eat it!' 
It's a delicious cheesecake and that's all that counts ;)

Cheesecake isn't a traditional Birthday cake choice 
but it definitely went down a storm!
(Regardless of its appearance)

What are you going to choose for your Birthday?

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