Spring Post - Luchia Cleans!

Spring has well and truly arrived in the UK. Buds are blossoming, the sun is shining (in between the odd showers!) and I couldn't wait any longer to get stuck in to giving my flat a good old fashioned spring clean!

If any room in my flat needed a good old organising, it was my kitchen. 

Me and my cupboards have a love/hate relationship, when they're tidy, I love them but when I'm busy and have had to throw everything in quickly closing their door to prevent anything falling out, I know they hate me. Last year I did a post here about what my cupboard must-haves are and now I couldn't live without it for when I go food shopping. 

My recipes books cupboard unfortunately is no stranger to my neglect. But I've always been told that you can tell a lot about a cook from their cookery books. A real cook/baker's books are always showered with flour and mine are absolutely covered in the stuff and god knows what else. So it was probably best I gave them a good shuffle and wipe down with a damp cloth. 

My top tips for cleaning and organising your home are...
  • I ask myself three questions if I'm trying to de-clutter; have I worn/used it in the last month? Would I use/wear it this week? Would it make a difference to my life if I gave it to charity?
  • I always get a jar and put all my different kinds of pastas in it if they are taking up to much space. You could either mix them together or layer them.
  • If I've got half a lemon lying around put it into your fridge for a couple weeks as its a great way to get rid of smelly odours.
  • Lemons are also a natural disinfectant so you could always use half to rub on your chopping boards or surfaces if you don't want to use bleach. Cheap and child-friendly :)
  • Bicarbonate of soda is also a great cleaning tool - you can use it as a deodorant in your fridge if you regularly wipe your fridge with a cloth sprinkled with bicarb. It also cuts through grease just as good as your expensive brands. Its perfect for unblocking sinks, removing stains scratch-free from surfaces, cutlery and your pots/pans. You only need to put a little bit on your damp cloth.
  • It doesn't take long for limescale to build up in kettles and I've found the best de-scaler is your average store cupboard vinegar. Its weak acid is great for disinfecting and eliminating limescale. Just add half a cup of neat white vinegar to your kettle filled with water and leave it to sit overnight. This should remove any surface scale.
  • The low acidic vinegar is also great as a buffer. My kettle is made from chrome so I always add a little bit to my cloth when it looks a little worse for wear.
  • If you read my winter warmers post last year about my love for a fresh smelling house you'll know all my handy tricks to get your place smelling clean and fresh even if you haven't touched your vacuum ;) 

For any more crafty things to do in your home follow my Pinterest board 'Your Crafty' its full of handy tips

Or if you know any worth mentioning comment below!

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  1. Ooo, I have a handy tip! Since I only use my roasting rack once a year (twice if I'm craving roast chicken) I use it to organize all of my pot lids. The slots are perfect for holding them upright and preventing the inevitable avalanche when they're piled up on top of each other.

    1. That's a really great tip! Might have to invest in one as my cupboard is an absolute state :P


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