The Burger Joint* (North Street, Bristol)

Me and Dan were lucky enough to be guinea pigs for The Burger Joint's new branch in Bedminster yesterday.

It was absolutely buzzing and we couldn't wait to get stuck in! The joint has a really cool system in which to choose your burgers where you tick on a check list. The choices are similar to Nando's and TGI Fridays in regards to being able to pick your meat, toppings, sauce and side. 

We both went for the 6oz prime beef but Dan couldn't resist doubling up. 

There was so many choices of toppings, sauces and sides it took us ages to decide! After what felt like years we finally made up our minds and ticked the boxes eagerly.

I chose cheese, sauteed onions and onion rings for my toppings, sweet potato fries and garlic mayo dip - YUM!

Dan topped his burger with cheese, chorizo and onion rings with a side of hand cut chunky chips and with garlic mayo and bbq sauce.

 Mouth starting to drool yet? 

I noticed they served a range of milkshakes which we just couldn't say no to. My caramel milkshake was to die for, literally the best caramel milkshake I have ever had in my life. The vanilla unfortunately tasted more like milk, so I had to bat him away from stealing all of mine a couple times!

...And in a flash they were gone.

There's the money shots. A burger can't get much better than this especially when there in a brioche bun.

We left with empty plates and full bellies. 

The place was buzzing with happy foodies and to say there was a selection of foods would be an understatement. It really is THE burger joint with offers you so much choice for a really reasonable price.

Plus, I'll let you in on a little secret.. they deliver to the Bristol area. Goodbye Burger King drive-thru's and hello to the delivery man handing you your fresh wholesome burger!

Whats your favourite burger?

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Disclaimer note: Both burgers were provided free of charge due to their opening. However drinks and toppings were paid for. This did not manipulate my review or feelings towards the establishment. Luchia Cooks only posts recipes and opinions of my own organic approval. 

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