Italian Inspired French Toast & Ozeri Stone Earth Pan Review

Ozeri kindly gave me a sample of their Stone Earth Non-Stick Frying Pan which I couldn't wait to put to the test. So what better way than to make french toast - the ultimate non-stick challenge!?

When it arrived the packaging read 'non-stick but 100% PFOA-Free' in large making me wonder what the hell PFOA was. So to investigate I asked the one person I knew would have the answer, my good old friend Mr Google. 

The answer was horrifying. Long story short, most of our traditional cookware contains this terrible man-made chemical called PFOA (short for polytetrafluoroethylene, which can be found in Teflon, T-Fal and Silverstone). 

When these products overheat they can release a hazardous fume that can give you a polymer fume fever as well as having links to Cancer and reproductive problems. This was really shocking to hear as I'd never heard of PFOA before! I suppose with our world becoming more and more advanced everyday we don't stop to think where our products and produce come from when we pick them up in the supermarket.

Now back to the most important bit... the food!
All you need to make french toast is...
2 eggs
2 slices of thick bread (I use tiger bread)
garlic clove
pinch of salt and pepper

1). Crack your eggs into a shallow bowl, add your seasoning and whisk with a fork. 

2). Soak your bread in the egg, making sure both sides are covered and soggy with egg.

3). Heat your frying pan and add a small dash of cooking oil if your pan isn't non-stick.  Once your pan is hot carefully add your slices of bread onto the pan to fry. Once your first side is cooked flip them onto their back. They will need around 10-15 minutes on each side. 

4). Once both sides are golden brown take them off the heat and rub your garlic clove onto a side of each slice. Add tomatoes and prosciutto and eat!

The pan didn't have any trouble frying the eggy bread and cleaned easily. If it wasn't for their high price tag I would buy myself a couple. 

The stone earth pan in my opinion is great as its well built and free from of all hazardous nasties! If you can afford Ozeri pans I would highly recommend getting yourself a couple

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Disclaimer note: I received a sample of Ozeri's pan for the purpose of a review. I always post the truth and all opinions stated are always organic and personal to me. All LuchiaCooks posts are published based on my own approval, compensation never affects my decision or thoughts. 


  1. So lovely. I've never had a savory French toast before!

    1. Hey Risa, I'd be lying if I said I preferred savoury over sweet but it's lovely for lunch :)

  2. This sounds healthy and tasty. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post :)

    1. Thanks Philippines Food! It was a really tasty lunch :)


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