Joe's Ice Cream

In my opinion Italian ice cream is the best and when living in Wales there is only one place to go. Joe's

They have loads of flavours from chocolate to welsh cake! Me and my friend both went for vanilla with marshmallow sauce, topped with wafers and sprinkles.  

If you're ever to visit, make sure you go early as the queue for Joe's is crazy long!

Make sure to try the vanilla whether you have a one scoop of it or three (I'm not telling). The taste is out of this world delicious! Look how creamy they are! 

Perfect on a beautiful summer's day!
Where's the best place for ice cream near you?

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Disclaimer: This post was not supported by Joe's or any other external company. It was 100% my opinion and idea. 


  1. Hi Luchia that looks yummy, this weekend I had a whippy ice cream from a van, I definitely will be going to Joe's next time!

  2. It is a beautiful blog you got there keep going Luchia ! I will follow you :)

    1. Thanks Sweet :) that's very kind - your blog is amazing! I've started following you on Twitter


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