A look back on 2014

As it's now 2015, it feels only mandatory to look back first and learn from the past before being able to look towards the future. 

I started this blog in November 2014 and cannot believe how much it's helped me grow and meet people I'd never of imagined. To celebrate the year I'm sharing my favourite recipes with you that have started to get covered in blogsphere dust and slowly drift into the unknown. They may be old but they are still 100% fabulous!

1. Now this technically isn't a recipe, but it was one of my favourite blog posts to write. It's all about my essential store cupboard ingredients – do you have them all?

2. Right now food, lets start off with the savoury. This incredibly easy pesto recipe is honestly the best thing since sliced bread.


3. I was pretty sceptical amount this recipe but I was pleasantly surprised. Here's my attempt at Egg fried cauliflower rice

4. Now for the sweets, please meet my scumptious salted caramel and fudge ice cream – no machine or churning necessary. This is my baby and I'm not embarrassed to say I make a huge batch of this twice a month as it's super creamy and super delicious.

5. My double chocolate baked doughnuts with custard filling – I was always terrified of making doughnuts but I went through a phase during the summer and just couldn't get enough. This is a must bake!

What was your favourite thing about 2014?
I'd love to know :)

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