Homemade wagon wheels (moon pies)

I really enjoy making old-time classics like my reese's cups or ferrero rochers so it was only time I had a crack at making homemade wagon wheels (or moon pies, for all you yanks out there).

First of all, all you need is:
Several bars of chocolate
Bag of marshmallows
Handful of biscuits (whichever you'd prefer, I went for ones with oats) 

Then it's easy, slice your marshmallow and put it between two biscuits. Melt your chocolate in a bowl over a boiling saucepan of water and then cover your bad boys with that delicious glossiness.

You can dunk them, soak them or spread them.

Then just leave them to set for a couple hours in the fridge – simples.


 Perfect with a cup of tea if I say so myself!

Are you a tea dunker?
Comment any homemade nostalgic recipes/foods below!

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