Spitfire Barbecue (Bristol review)

If you're after the latest BBQ establishment to hit Bristol, I've found the perfect place.

Spitfire opened last year and has been serving HUGE portions of great quality ribs to very happy customers. Follow me on this gastronomy discovery...

Here's their pulled pork burger sandwich that was nice, it unfortunately wasn't anything to jump in the air about. 

But I don't mind I've been to this joint quite a few times now and tried various dishes. And I've met an absolute hunk that I just can't get enough of – the St Louis Ribs. You must try this bad boy over anything and everything on their menu.

Look how thick they are!!! IT WAS UTTER AMAZEBALLS.

I also had a hands down, delicious, frozen strawberry daiquiri that was served in this pirate like mug – I I Captain!
To finish we shared a classic chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream – beauty in it's simplest form.

Do you know of any BBQ joints I need to try?
Let me know :)

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