#TakeBackWhatsYours new year campaign challenge

I've met some amazing bloggers since starting Luchia Cooks over a year ago and love how many friendships and communities we can form – it's a truly an amazing thing.

But now, Chloe from Chloe's Concept has gone one step further and created a social campaign that goes beyond inspirational, so I'm getting involved and so should you!

Because of all the negativity in the press lately about bloggers, Chloe has come up with a cracker of a campaign to inspire the world to share some positivity – Go Chloe!

We all seem to make new year resolutions that don't stick so make a change this year and choose something that your not going to start but instead take back. For example, take back what once belonged to you... maybe confidence, control or even happiness?

I'm taking part in the #TakeBackWhatsYour new year challenge because I want to take back my confidence in myself.

In my previous role, I began to feel very small and unworthy, but I'm not and I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I might not be the smartest person, but I'm passionate and couldn't work harder.

I tag the following bloggers:

I've left five spaces free for you to nominate yourself, so get involved...

All you need to do is:
  • Write a blog post talking about this campaign, the message it contains and why you are taking part
  • Say what you're going to take back
  • Tag 10 bloggers to take part
  • Let Chloe know you're taking part and use the hashtag #TakeBackWhatsYours
  • If you can - include a photo of yourself with a handmade poster (from seeing mine, you can see it doesn't need to be artistic) with the words: 
In 2015, I'm taking back....<YOUR ANSWER>  

You've got until Jan 31st to post yours and get #TakeBackWhatsYours trending.
Lets make a difference!

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