Tuesday treasure - my favourite macbook skins and covers

Right, so this post might seem completely outside the norm for Luchia Cooks but what the hell! I've found some really amazing laptop covers and skins and want to share them with you. Plus, I really need one for my Mac and need your advice – so why not help a girl out and tell me your favourite? No, seriously I mean it... I'll give you cake?...

So this first skin is for all you contemporary kids – marble.
It's not a hard case so don't even think about getting it if you're after something heavy duty but how beautiful is this easy-to-stick on vinyl skin? And at only £17 / $25-ish it's hard to say no to!

This cover is amazing but for people with slightly more money to burn – the bookbook.
This cover is more hardwearing than some of the others with solid sides and real leather. And with its true originality helps give it quite a pricey tag at £53/$80 – wowcha!   

These skins are everywhere but still totally blow my creative mind – the macbook stickers.
You can find these all over the internet but I think the cheapest is on Ebay ranging from £2-£20. 

I love the vibrant colours against the famous grey – the whole package.
The simplicity of matching covers and keyboards are in my eyes a thing of beauty, transforming your mac into a gorgeous slimline machine of colour for only £15/$22ish. All you need to do is head to Ebay and decide on a colour!

Last but not least, the Cath Kidson sleeve – retro beauty.
What's not to like about CK? Their range is feminine, pretty and absolutely timeless. With a matt coating, memory foam inside and double zip fixture, their price of £30/$45 isn't too terrible.

So that's my round up of my current macbook faves. Have you seen any good ones floating around on the world wide web? Let me know in the comments.

Don't forget to help a girl out by 
letting me know your favourites (I really can't decide!)

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  1. i am really impressed by the marble one and the book book!!
    i'm looking for a cover too and i'll think this time i'll go for a sticker one, they are super creative.
    I recommend the vibrant color ( i have a bright peach pink) but unfortunately i've broken it

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope | youtube


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