5 treats perfect for an eggcellent Easter

So the kids are off for two weeks (totally jealous) and us adults get to enjoy a wonderful 4-day Easter weekend. Therefore I thought what better way to enjoy the bank holiday than with chocolate! So here is my round up of my favourite chocolate delights to get baking...

1). Perfect for a posh get-together – Lemon curd and blueberry cream cake

2). Because cupcakes should always be present – crunchie bar cupcake

3). Eggcellent with a cup of tea – White chocolate bunny bark

4).  Donut be a fool, these are a must –  Lemon and blueberry doughnuts

5). Homemade is always best – Ferrero Rochers

Hope you liked my favourite selection of goodies!
Which treat will you be baking?
Let me know in the comments below :)

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