7 ways to beat Monday blues

It's Sunday evening and the fear is starting to set in; your stomach is in knots and your mind begins to go in overdrive, thinking of all the things you need to achieve this week – sound familiar? Don't worry we've all been there, here are my 7 top things to beat the blues and have a kick ass monday – POW! 

1. First thing's first, you need a good breakfast. If you've got time to plan ahead, make yourself some fool proof overnight oats (chocolate raisins and blueberries is my current fave!), if not keep a packet of your favourite cereal in the office for these desperate times.

2. Make a prioritised to-do list – I am a lover of all things stationary and organisation. I truly believe that a good list is behind every wonder women and superman, go on grab a pen and pad, you know you want to.

3. Nothing can get me on the ball like a playlist of good music. Put your favourite artist on YouTube or create a Spotify playlist so you can listen to it wherever you are – just plug in baby.

4. Having a substantial lunch when you're running around like a crazy person is really important in keeping you from transforming into a cotton wool head. This is my favourite quick go-to meal – what do you usually eat in the afternoon?

5. Drink little and often – Our brains are made up of 75% so keep hydrated throughout the day. I keep a 2 litre bottle on my desk at work so even when I'm super busy at work I can stay topped up. 

6. Go for a large glass of vino after work with a couple friends so you can vent about all the terrible things you had to do and how you were meant to be born rich and fabulous - what the hell went wrong?!

7. And if you're day is going really bad – just treat yourself to something sinful. Why the hell not you've had a horrendous day and deserve it?! This is my guilty pleasure.

Have you got any antidotes for a stress-free monday?
Let me know :)

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  1. Music is my go to! If i'm just not feeling it, just turning up some upbeat tunes seems to do the trick. I LOVE making lists but once I finally get started on my to do list I get so distracted, it's pretty bad.

    1. Hi Giselle, music is a wonderful thing isn't it! Oh I find if I don't make it through the list it doesn't matter because I just feel like I've achieved lots by just writing a to-do list :P


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