£20 well spent – Burger & Lobster, Cardiff

It's been my mission to find a place that serves lobster rolls in Bristol for the past year and by chance I heard that Cardiff had recently opened up Burger and Lobster (YIPPEEEE!).

I've never even tried lobster but I just knew it would be love at first bite so off I went over the bridge to sunny Wales on a food voyage.
The menu is limited with just two options; lobster or burger – hence the name and both priced at £20. 

Now £20 for a burger, seems a little bit pricey to me, so I chose the lobster roll (surprise surprise) with chips and a butter and garlic sauce. 

There were various options for lobster, in a roll or grilled within bread. Plus, the price of lobster didn't seem to stop, reaching above £100!

The lobster meat was so delicious! I'd recommend it to anyone that has a soft spot for seafood. 

Dan went for a grilled lobster so we had to take a snap of him in his plastic bib. 
Lobster and Burger was great and with the crustaceans swimming around in tanks next to our table, you can't say they aren't fresh.

I'd recommend the place to anyone seeking lobster but probably not for any other dish!

Have you had any nice seafood recently or know any good recipes?
Let me hear them :)

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Disclaimer note: This meal was paid by me and has no collaboration with Burger and Lobster. Luchia Cooks only posts recipes and opinions of my own organic approval. 

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