Tasty tiramisu – with a twist

You may have seen on Instagram I've been sharing hints about this post for a while and none of you could guess what icing sugar, whipping cream, egg yolks, amaretto and lady fingers could make!

Well it's the ultimate Italian classic... tiramisu..but with a twist! I'm so glad I can finally come clean and share this amazing thing with you.

It's not your usual whipped cream dessert I assure you. Have you ever heard of nitrous oxide, or N20? Well Discount Cream got in touch with me asking if i'd like to trial one of their cream whippers and I just couldn't resist.

A cream whipper uses nitrous oxide as it's charger and gives you deliciously whipped cream without having to one whisk. 

Now enough of this technically malarkey, lets get to the sweet stuff.
For a 2/3 portion tiramisu, all you need is:

2 egg yolks
Pack of lady fingers
1 teaspoon amaretto
3 tablespoons icing sugar
1 cup (200ml) whipping cream (do not use double cream, it doesn't work – trust me!)
1 tablespoon coffee powder
1 tablespoon hot chocolate powder

1) Brew a cuppa tea for yourself (you deserve it) and a coffee for the cake.

2) Lay the first layer of lady fingers in a dish and soak them with coffee using a teaspoon. 


3) Pour the cream, egg yolks, icing sugar and amaretto into your cream dispenser and give it a good old shake. Add a cream charger (the nitrous oxide gas) to the dispenser and whip away!

The whipper isn't the most careful and doesn't create beautiful piping but it does provide deliciously cool and whipped cream without any effort. From thin whipping cream to this thick tasty stuff is pretty cool! 

4) Once you've covered the first layer of fingers with cream, repeat the laying process, remembering to drizzle the coffee.

5) Then finish with sifting the rest of your coffee powder with hot chocolate until the cream is covered.

So what do you think?!

Would you like a proper review into 
how the Cream Whippers work?
Let me know...

Swing by for a natter!
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Disclaimer note: I was given this N20 cream whipper for free. However, I only share my own opinions and of my own organic approval. 

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