5 food facts that #fdbloggers need to know

5 food facts that #fdbloggers need to know luchiacooks.com

Wow - it's almost August already! Can someone please tell me where the last eight months have gone?? Absolutely crazy. Having said that, I've learnt so much about food, that when telling others, no one else seemed to know either. As such, I thought I'd do a different kind of blog post and share a few things that every foodie needs to know! 

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1. Smoothies

We all love a good smoothie, me included, but all these 'vitamin boosters' and 'superfood drinks' aren't as good for us as we're lead to believe. 

Apparently, once the fruit is blended, it goes into this thing called oxidation, which basically means the fruit gets exposed to oxygen.  When this happens lots of the nutritious value from the fruit decreases, and instead we're left with a drink that contains more sugar than nourishment. However, from doing my research there are lots of debates about this so lets take this with a pinch of salt!

But one thing that is true is, smoothies can contain the sugar of up to three or more oranges but are less filling than eating the fruit solid. This makes us more likely to eat afterwards (I definitely do this!) even though we've probably just gulped down the same amount of sugar as a large full–fat Coke.  

So perhaps, it's best we stick to the classic fruit salad to get our 5 a day eh?

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2. Brown rice pasta

I only found out about this beauty last year, but it's a great trick to lower your calorie intake and up the goodness. It's a gluten-free alternative to normal white or wholewheat pasta. Have you tried it?

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3. Pasta sauce
A couple months back I saw a programme that revealed that, on average, a third of a normal-sized jar of shop bought pasta sauce (roughly 150g) can contain over 13g of sugar. That's roughly three teaspoons of sugar – it's a horrible thought!
Whereas homemade contains considerable less and only has natural sugars (from our good friend Tommy the tomato). Make the change today!!
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4. Avocado instead of butter
Avocado is a natural fat, full of goodness and high in Omega 3. We use it as a substitute for butter on toast, so why not in cakes? My brownies were out of this world tasty and no one even knew they didn't contain butter. Go on, give it a go!

Source: Good Food
5. Spatchcocked chicken
Cooking whole chickens can be quite a timely process, but not anymore! If you spatchcock the chicken, which means breaking the backbone, the bird will not only cook quicker but remain juicy during grilling – see how to do it here.

Did you know these? Either way let me know!
Or got another trick worth sharing - comment below

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  1. Luchia you are inspiration just love your blog!

  2. These are some amazing tips for food bloggers. This post shows your experience in the food industry :)

    1. Thanks Sakshi, that means so much to me :) It's crazy what we begin to believe through advertising but I suppose we need to learn not to believe everything we hear! What foodie fact were you most surprised at?

  3. Great food facts. I love adding avocado to cakes to make them moist. I find it particularly effective in 'free from' cakes, which can get really dry. Please don't tell me smoothies might not be good for us... we have them almost every day at home! We do drink them straight after blending though, and I make sure the children also eat plenty of fruit and veg.

    1. Hi Le Coin de Mel, thanks so much. Avocado Is a great substitute! But unfortunately smoothies are great for you :( it's more about the amount of fruit you blend and the quantity of how much you drink. Sadly the natural sugar soon adds up!

  4. These were all so interesting! the only one I actually knew was the brown rice pasta!!! I think I'm most disappointed about the smoothie :( Although fruit salads are just as tasty!! I also want to try to make my own pasta/tomato sauce now that I know how much sugar is in the canned ones! thats crazy!! Very informative and lovely post!!

    1. Thanks for commenting Amanda :) the smoothies had be a absolutely flabbergasted! It's such a shame as well as the pasta sauce! We need less marketing and more education xx


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