Holy guacamole! Steak and guacamole soft tacos

I'm not sure if it's the sunshine or the bottomless strawberry daiquiris i've been having, but me and Dan have been going mad for Mexican! This 'dig in' dish was served at least three times last week and is one you won't want to miss.

To make our Mexican steak and guacamole soft tacos (for 2-3 people), you will need:

1 pack of flour tortillas
1 large white onion, diced
1-2 avocados
2-3 ribeye steaks (1 per person)
2 limes (1 for serving)
Carne asada steak seasoning (you can make it but ours was shop bought)
Pinch of salt and pepper

1). Cover steaks in seasoning and leave to marinade. If you can leave over night but otherwise 30 minutes is fine.

2). Heat up your griddle plan and then place your steaks on it once really hot. Cook both sides until you're happy. We cooked ours rare.

3). Leave meat to rest for a minute and while the pan is still hot slightly cook the diced onion. After 5 minutes transfer to serving dish.

4). Slice meat in strips, ready to be served.


1). Remove avocado skin and stone to mash.

2). Once smooth, mix in salt, pepper and juice from one lime. Serve.

Then to add the finishing touches
Microwave the tortillas for 30 seconds to wake them up, slice extra lime into wedges and then... dig in!

The photos don't do it justice. So much flavour, and so easy for dinner after a long day.

What's your favourite go-to dish at the moment?

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