Michelin star baby – The Pony and Trap

I turned 23 this month! And to celebrate my lovely boyfriend took me to the Michelin star restaurant, Pony and Trap in Chew Magna. 

Have you been watching this year's Great British Menu? Well the lovely South West finalist Josh Eggleton owns this country pub so I knew I was in for a treat..but first selfie!

So as soon as we were seated, we were introduced to these homemade crisps accompanied with a fresh chive dip. These were quickly consumed! (We may or may not have even asked for another portion)

So after a long time debating on what we should have, we ordered. Food envy wasn't going to beat us this time, we'd chosen a knockout four-course meal.

First was the pork quavers with apple sauce and quail's scotch egg with homemade HP sauce.

Look at that beauty!! 

Next, we both went for the steamed mussels with smoked bacon bits. The dish also came with sourdough bread – my absolute favourite at the moment (so if you've got a good recipe please let me know!) 

Lamb rack and shoulder for main course with veggies, absolutely delicious, but after the first two courses I was almost at capacity! Sadly, Daniel had to help me finish this one off.

And last but certainly not least, sticky ale pudding, salted caramel sauce and stout ice cream. 

Although I truly believe I have a separate stomach for dessert, the size was perfect. Not too small but just enough to really enjoy all the deep flavours combined.

I'd highly recommend this place.

Beautiful food, amazing service and for a michelin star the pricing isn't too bad either!

Have you ever dine michelin star style?
I'd love to know where and what it was like!

Swing by for a natter!


  1. I was just thinking about going to The Pony and Trap, especially after seeing Josh on Great British Menu! I absolutely love that show - gives me so many more restaurants to add to my hit list! We've been lucky enough to go to 7 Michelin star restaurants this year... such great food!

    1. Hey Connie, 7 Michelin star restaurants already?? Very jealous! Which were the best? You've got to add The Pony and Trap to your list. It's such a great place :)

    2. I know... how greedy are we?! Restaurant Story was amazing for the wow-factor, but we also really loved the Yorke Arms and Black Swan at Oldstead, both of which we visited during our long weekend in North Yorkshire!

    3. Wow i really want to go to Restaurant Story!! I'll add the other two to my must list :)


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