Upcycling fun at Hillarys' #Crafternoon

You all know me as an utter foodie through and through, but ever since I bought my own house a couple months back (it's all very exciting!) I've suddenly developed a huge passion for upcycling and home crafts. And as such, made me (quite literally) leaped off my chair when I was asked to attend Hillary's Crafternoon. Who could believe there were so many things you could make with some shutters?!

After a very important tea and sandwhich session, we were introduced to the lovely DIY extraordinaire, Becky Clarke, who was on hand all day to help us transform plain shutters into a multi-purpose storage unit!

First, she showed us how to make one, then it was our turn! I felt just as nervous as I did at the Bordeaux Quay workshop.


We rolled up our sleeves, grabbed a shutter, some paint, a few jars, brushes and anything else we could get our hands on and then got started!


I had never used Annie Sloane chalk paint before but it really is as amazing as everyone says! You can just lather it on and not worry about being too messy – perfect for me (as wearing a pair of gloves and an apron, I somehow still end up going home covered in paint!)

After painting, screwing, waxing and attaching the mason jars to my shutter it was time to take a victory shot (cheesy grin included!)

If this is something you'd like to make yourself, go on and click here.

When I got home, I couldn't wait to put my foodie stamp on it.
So here you go, my upcycled herb planter! I keep it in my conservatory to make sure they stay warm. What do you think? 

I've even added stones to the bottom of the jars to create a drainage system.

Thanks again to the lovely people at Hillary's and Joe Blogs for such a fab crafternoon – I'm already working on my next upcycle project.

Have you upcycled or completed some DIY recently? 
Share what you made (and links) I'd love to see!!

Swing by for a natter!


  1. Lucia I love love love what you've done with all the herbs - looks great! :D Nice photo of you holding it up too - must have been taken by someone special ;) Alice xx


    1. Aww thanks so much Alice, yours looks so good too! I agree she was a pure photographing genius ;) x


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