5 snacks perfect for a movie marathon

One of my favourite things about the colder seasons is how it's totally acceptable to stay indoors all weekend in front of the telly and binge on delicious food – come on admit it, there's no shame!

Now I know everyone is going crazy for sweet potato fries at the mo, but let's not forget about how wonderful and amazing homemade potato chips are. Eat Up Family gives a great recipe for these cheeky chips.

These are my Nan's flaky lamb pasties and let me tell you they're worst than Pringles, once you start, you really cannot stop! Utterly divine and so moist! I bet you can't resist finishing the whole lot.

Now for the main event, the sweet stuff! I haven't tried this recipe yet but it's on my must make list. I love Katies Cakes so I'm sure this ice cream won't disappoint, I mean it's malted chocolate and Oreo for heavens sake!

These bad boys are big, they're naughty and they're totally cocky. You won't want to buy another pack of wagon wheels (or moon pies) again once you see how easy they are to make! The recipe is a really fun one too so you could even get your friends to help before the movies begin!

I love these spiced pumpkin cakes, the little pumpkins are so adorable! As you can see they're perfect as a big cake or cupcakes – perfect for most occasions (actually when isn't cake appropriate?!).

Have you got a go-to snack for movie nights? 
Share them below so we can compare notes!

Swing by for a natter!

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